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I’m a product designer & UX engineer with a background in psychology.

The why

People come first, and it’s up to us, the people behind the product, to enhance what they can achieve, anticipate what they need, and get rid of all the noise.

And above all, make them feel confident in using the product that we make.

The what

I design products and services (and an occasional website from time to time), code bespoke HTML & CSS templates and prototypes, and know a thing or two about people and what puts a smile on their face.

I’ve been doing this digital thing for a while now, 15 years and counting. I started as a web designer & front-end developer, and over the years I transitioned to a product designer with strong technical and people skills.

The how

My skillset is comprehensive — I talk business goals with stakeholders, technical bits with developers, and goals and desires with people using our products. I listen more than I speak, and I feel most comfortable in the middle of this triangle.

Balancing the wants and needs from all sides is essential, and I enjoy integrating and combining them into effective and powerful design solutions.

I cover a lot of areas that fall under the traditional UX umbrella, but where I really excel is making sure we cut out all the BS and create products that are easy to use and empower people that use them.

Does this resonate with you? Get in touch, and let's work together.

But don't just take my word for it!

Here's what previous clients have to say about their experience

One of the core principles and product requirements for StayNTouch (a hotel property management system) was to design a product so easy to use that hotel staff would not need any training.

Stjepan joined StayNTouch in May 2013 to ensure we would hold up on that core requirement. In addition to ensure StayNTouch was easy to use, he also made it a beautiful looking B2B software product. Pretty much everyone of our customers loved the look and feel and ease of use of the application.

Stjepan is an excellent UX and software UI designer, he is a great guy to work with, is very innovative and delivered on his milestones and goals.

Stjepan's work was a very large and important contributor to the success of StayNTouch and sale to Shiji Group in 2018. For anyone who needs beautiful and functional software, Stjepan will deliver!
Jos Schaap, Founder of StayNTouch Inc.
The best designer we've worked with (and continue to work with) by far. It's rare to find a designer with design skills, technical skills and who delivers work fast. Sales of our software platform increased greatly with a new interface design by Stjepan.
Doug Shumway, Founder of BoardSync Inc.
We briefed Stjepan for the development and design of our web domain Rabuzin Fine Art ↗. Stjepan was extremely fast and precise in answering the brief's requirements and we were impressed how seamlessely he has transfered the visual feel of the the Author's Work to the website.
Filip Rabuzin, Marketing Director
Absolutely marvellous; great communication and fantastic quality of work.
Valerij Oberst, Founder of